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About us

One Thousand Walls

We have an open-minded approach and willingness to incorporate new ideas in construction in a way beneficial to our clients. 1000Walls focuses on implementing and building fit-outs based on our own or client-provided design plans. Our team of dedicated professionals focuses solely on delivering exceptional results – both in build quality and time-frame.



We believe that the success of any project is built on open communication channels between our client and ourselves towards careful planning and consideration resulting in a flawless execution of the project. Our team works together with our client, striving to understand and apply their ideas into every project.


We are constantly pursuing world standards of health and safety, because of our awareness that our most valuable asset is the expertise and dedication of our staff, from the manufacturing engineering, installation, and management team. Our team members are thoroughly educated about the leading health and safety practices by our Health and safety Officer and we implement a robust policy against unsafe and dangerous practices. We share and promote existing practices to create a incident-free, positive health and safety environment.


The 1000Walls dedicated team strives to obtain the best results, while utilizing materials and services which do not add additional budget strain to the projects we work on.


The 1000Walls dedicated team is a company dedicated to achieving perfection in all their endeavors, which reflects positively on both our work and our clients.